Grey Fog

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Grey Fog

$24.000 CLP

Brand: Badinella 2023

Category: Murals, Nature

Step into serenity with our monochrome landscape wallpaper designs 🌄🏞️ Customize your space with tranquil sepia lakes, timeless grey mountains, and soothing blue nature scenes. Embrace the calm and create your perfect ambiance. ✨🎨

Price per m2: measure the width and height of your walls, then enter those measurements in centimeters in each space and we'll calculate the amount of paper for you. If you have any questions, drop us a line:

keywords: landscape - japan - sumi - painting - black and white - greyscale - calm

Classic Wallpaper 280grs textured wallpaper. Made in Chile, cellulosic base with vinyl coating, regular wallpaper paste installation.
Adhesive Wallpaper Removable wallpaper, made in USA. Vinyl base with acrylic coating. B1 certified
Technology Non-toxic digital printing, with water-based inks according to Greenguard Gold Standard: printed in Chile.
Installation Installation not included. However, our adhesive wallpaper is a DIY product: you can install (and uninstall) it yourself. For the traditional alternative, we have a team of installers: drop us a line at
Area Bedroom

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