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Removable Adhesive Wallpaper:

Our removable adhesive wallpaper is really easy to install and it's ideal for rentals, you can always peel it back from the wall onto the original liner (yes, much like an oversize sticker) and install it on another wall. This B1 certified 280grs vinyl wall mural is very forgiving in amateur hands: check out this 2 videos so you can see for yourself.

Traditional Wallpaper:

Made in Chile 🇨🇱, this 280grs wallpaper is a 2 layer substrate: a cellulose base adheres to the wall and a printed vinyl surface showcases your design (this uppermost layer is the key to having a wipeable wallpaper). Installation is done the traditional old school way, with wallpaper paste (Topex, Metylan or any other brand) and though it looks easy, in our experience it is best to leave it to the professionals: if you need help finding one, drop us a line @