Learning to Fly

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Learning to Fly

$115.000 CLP


Brand: Badinella Cabeceras
Category: Headboards

"...Can’t keep my eyes from the circling sky

Tongue-tied and twisted. 

Just an earthbound misfit..." Pink Floyd

For all those who keep on learning to fly a little bit higher everyday, our humble homage to Da Vinci.

Self Adhesive textured decal headboard. Super easy to install & uninstall: DIY.

Height: 1.3m

Width: 2m

keywords: plane - da vinci - sketch - beige - drawing - vintage - teen - kid

Line Nature
Area Bedroom
Adhesive Wallpaper Removable wallpaper, made in USA. Vinyl base with acrylic coating. B1 certified
Technology Non toxic water based digital printing according to Greenguard Gold Standard: printed in Chile.
Installation Install it yourself: peel off the backing and place your art on the wall (make sure it's clean and dust free), reposition it as desired. Save the liner backing to move your art in the future.